4 Things to Look for in a High Carbon Steel Distributor

High carbon steel at Three D Metals’ facility.

Disrupted manufacturing schedules. Fluctuating prices. We know the steel supply chain can be hard to navigate. Having a reliable high carbon steel supplier in your corner can mean the difference between losing frustrated clients and winning repeat business.   Look for these four factors in a high carbon steel distributor to ensure you’re getting the best… Read more »

Aluminum Bus Pipe Uses and Finishes for the Power Industry

aluminum bus pipe

This blog was updated in 2024. Aluminum is an increasingly popular choice for power industry applications like switchgear and substations. As a top distributor of aluminum bus pipe, we’re sharing our guide to aluminum’s advantages in power generation, common alloys and applications, and finishes and packaging.

Sustainability at Three D Metals: Q&A with Maddie Berry

Sustainability at Three D Metals: Q&A with Maddie Berry

Maddie Berry joined the Three D Metals team in August 2023 as our Associate Director of Quality and Sustainability. She previously worked at Deloitte for eight years, serving large public clients in oil and gas and leading projects for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) readiness. We recently talked to Maddie to get her perspective on… Read more »

Transformer Crisis: What’s Ahead

Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers

You’ve probably heard about power blackouts across parts of the U.S. in the hottest months of summer. Maybe you’ve even been affected by them yourself. When long-running droughts and intense temperatures have us reaching to crank up the air conditioning, the grid struggles to support demand. With extreme weather conditions and populations increasing each year,… Read more »

High Carbon Steel in EV Manufacturing: Embrace Lightweighting & Multi-Material Design

Electric vehicle charging

The shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) represents a significant leap forward in achieving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. However, this transition also brings forth new challenges and opportunities in vehicle design and the materials used in manufacturing to keep these vehicles lightweight, yet safe and durable. Electric Vehicle Lightweighting For several years, the automotive industry… Read more »

Copper Coil for Transformers

Copper transformer coil

Transformers power modern life, connecting our homes and businesses to electrical power stations. Choosing the right copper coil length for manufacturing transformers is essential for balancing power, weight, and load. But first, we need to understand how transformers work. How Do Transformers Work? Transformers are used to transfer energy from one circuit to another. They… Read more »

Copper Bars: the Workhorse of Switchgear

Copper bar

Meeting demands for reliable electricity is increasingly challenging as extreme weather stresses the power grid. Switchgear systems play an important role in making sure power is distributed efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn more about switchgear and why copper bars are a great choice for this application.  What Does Switchgear Do? An electrical switchgear… Read more »

5 Things to Look for in an Aluminum Pipe Supplier

Aluminum pipe

Choosing a reputable aluminum pipe supplier is so important for companies in manufacturing, utilities, construction, or any industry that relies on aluminum products. A trustworthy supplier with top-quality aluminum pipe products can help you maintain excellent service with your own customer base and improve cost efficiency. Here are five things you should look for when… Read more »

Properties and Uses of High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel properties and end-use applications.

You interact with high carbon steel on a daily basis, though you may not even realize it. From tiny washers to pant hangers and more, this versatile material is valued for its “memory”, allowing it to be formed into various shapes such as circles, coils, and springs.  Like all steels, high carbon steel is an… Read more »