Advantages of Using High Carbon Steel in the Automotive Industry

Advantages of using high carbon steel in the automotive industry.

High carbon steel is versatile and often used in fastening applications in a wide range of industries, from construction and retail to toys and appliances. There are several advantages to high carbon steel in the automotive industry as well, which is what you will learn about in this blog. What are the Advantages of High… Read more »

Copper Sheet Electrical Applications

Copper sheet electrical applications

Copper is recognized for its many uses. From wiring to electrical switches, this popular metal can be found in homes, commercial operations, and even in the cloud. At Three D Metals, one of our largest production distribution lines is our copper sheeting. But where can you find copper sheets in the electrical industry? Keep reading… Read more »

Benefits of Oscillate-Wound Steel Coil

Benefits of oscillate-wound steel coil.

Oscillate winding, sometimes referred to as traverse winding, is the process of end-to-end winding of several slit steel coils, with the coil wrapping around itself in a single, symmetrical coil — similar to a spool of thread. Why would someone choose oscillate-wound coils over something like a ribbon-wound, or pancake, coil? Let’s break down the… Read more »

Three D Metals Celebrates 50 Years

Three D Metals celebrates 50 years.

In the late 1960s, Dave Dickens Sr. was working as a sales representative for a brass mill in Connecticut. When the mill’s president thought Dave’s commission should be reduced, Dave decided it was time to strike out on his own. The David D. Dickens Company was formed. Eventually becoming Three D Metals, the company has… Read more »

High Carbon Steel Properties & End-Use Applications

High carbon steel properties and end-use applications.

High carbon steel — named for any steel that contains 0.30 or higher carbon content —  is something you interact with on a daily basis, although you may not even realize it.  From tiny washers to pant hangers and more, this versatile metal is valued for its “memory”, allowing it to be formed into various… Read more »

High Carbon Steel in Today’s Market

High carbon steel in today’s market.

One of the residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the metals industry has been continuous supply chain challenges. However, as we get further into 2022, we were seeing some of the markets return to normal, including the high carbon steel market. High Carbon Steel Availability in Today’s Market When the COVID pandemic hit the… Read more »

Career Opportunities After High School at Three D Metals

Career opportunities after high school at Three D Metals.

If you’re in high school or just starting college, you may be thinking about a career in trades or the metals industry. Even without a four-year degree, there are plenty of opportunities for a fulfilling, lifelong career and job advancement. In fact, today is a great time to think about a career in the metals… Read more »

Copper’s Uses, Benefits, and Products

Copper’s uses, benefits, and products.

Copper is a metal known for its diversity and longevity. While you can find copper in different industries, one of the most common — which the majority of Three D Metals customers use it for — is in the power industry. Keep reading to learn more about copper, common applications, its versatility, and what to… Read more »

What is a Typical Workday Like at Three D Metals?

Three D Metals employee working at machine, Three D Metals logo

If you’ve considered applying for a position at Three D Metals, you may be wondering what it’s like to work here or what your day-to-day responsibilities may be. There are many job opportunities available in the metals industry — from machine operators to welders to sales and more — and their responsibilities may vary depending… Read more »