Dedicated to Transforming the Future

At Three D Metals, sustainability is not just a goal but a core mission. We are committed to processes and solutions that help create a greener tomorrow. While the journey might be challenging, we are enthusiastic about the potential that awaits and look forward to helping our customers become more environmentally friendly too.

Three D Metals - Invested In Sustainability

How It All Began

Our commitment to sustainability began with the installation of a renewable energy source – a wind turbine – at our headquarters. At 121 feet high, the turbine saves us an estimated $21,000 a year in energy costs.

Three D Metals - Invested In Sustainability

Recovering 100% of our processing waste

Reusing old skids returned by customers

Transitioning to LED lighting in our facilities

Shipping ferrous metal with metal cores to be recycled by our customers

Updating the transportation fleet with fuel-efficient trucks

Throwing unusable skids into our furnace to reduce energy consumption by 50%

Making sustainability an initiative of our process improvement team

Attending sustainable summits and events

Remaining proactive, not reactive

Envisioning a Greener Tomorrow

In our journey toward enhanced environmental responsibility, we’ve collaborated with a sustainability specialist to conduct a greenhouse gas (GHG) audit and offer tailored solutions to lower our carbon footprint. We’ve already reduced our CO2 output and achieved significant savings, but we’re not done.

Based on the audit’s insights, we’re exploring further carbon-reducing strategies that align with our goals and ways we can pass sustainable efforts along to our customers. Contact Three D Metals today to learn more about partnering with a metals supplier who can help you move your sustainable efforts forward.