Sustainability at Three D Metals: Q&A with Maddie Berry

Sustainability at Three D Metals: Q&A with Maddie Berry

Maddie Berry joined the Three D Metals team in August 2023 as our Associate Director of Quality and Sustainability. She previously worked at Deloitte for eight years, serving large public clients in oil and gas and leading projects for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) readiness. We recently talked to Maddie to get her perspective on… Read more »

High Carbon Steel in EV Manufacturing: Embrace Lightweighting & Multi-Material Design

Electric vehicle charging

The shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) represents a significant leap forward in achieving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. However, this transition also brings forth new challenges and opportunities in vehicle design and the materials used in manufacturing to keep these vehicles lightweight, yet safe and durable. Electric Vehicle Lightweighting For several years, the automotive industry… Read more »

Three Ways Three D Is Making Sustainability Its Mission

Wind turbine at Three D Metals.

In an era where supply chain disruptions, electrification challenges, and rampant inflation pose significant hurdles, how does Three D Metals remain a powerhouse metals supplier committed to a sustainable future? The answer lies in making sustainability not just a goal – but a core mission.  At Three D, we recognize the urgency of environmental stewardship… Read more »

Sustainability Trends in the Metals Industry

Sustainability trends in the metal industry, windmill

This article, originally published in 2021, has been updated with the latest information. The metals industry continues to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement, driven by tight margins and an increasingly competitive landscape. “Sustainability” goes far beyond simply recycling waste materials or packaging. Instead, it’s a method for viewing one’s business practices and… Read more »

Three D Employee Attends Inaugural Sustainability Summit in Cleveland

Sustainability Summit in Cleveland

On Jan. 24, 2023, the first Greater Cleveland Partnership Sustainability Summit took place at the Huntington Convention Center. Among the more than 300 Greater Cleveland business leaders was Three D Metals HR and Safety Manager Gretchen Gutekunst, who attended to get ideas and support for Three D’s sustainability initiatives. “My biggest takeaway was the reassurance… Read more »