Brass Metal Supply

Our brass products are available in various sizes, thicknesses and weights. We can tailor our high-quality brass products to meet your specifications, as we have extensive expertise in various processes, from sawing and waterjet cutting to beveling and grooving. Rest assured that all brass plate, brass rod and brass sheet products can be delivered to meet your timeline.


Brass Metal Products



Brass Coil


Brass Round Rod

360, 464.1875”-9”

Brass Bar


Brass Plate

210, 260, 464.25”-1.5”

Brass Sheet


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Benefits of Brass Metals

Brass, made of copper and zinc, is an alloy metal that is one of the most widely used metals largely due to its versatility. After forming, brass retains high strength and is corrosion-resistant, ductile and antibacterial. Brass is commonly used for decorative applications such as lighting, doorknobs, furniture and bathroom fixtures. It’s also frequently used in the mechanical industry and manufacturing musical instruments.

Why Choose Three D Metals?

Brass Metal Product Information

Brass Coil is offered in 651 alloy with customization available. Brass coils are commonly used for manufacturing electrical components.

Brass Round Rod is available in 360 and 464 alloy and is offered in 12’ standard lengths or custom sizes. Brass round rod is frequently used in plumbing, tools and architectural hardware.

Brass Bar is available in alloy 360 and is offered in 12’ standard lengths or custom sizes. Brass bar is used for houseware fixtures and decorative items alongside electrical components. 

Brass Plate is offered in alloy 210, 260 and 464. Precision sawing is available along with brass plate cut-to-size orders. Three D also offers circle and waterjet cutting services. Brass plates are typically used to make musical instruments, in plumbing and electrical industries and also for decorative purposes.

Brass Sheet is available in alloy 260 and is stocked in half hard, cold rolled and soft tempers. Special cut sizes, blanks and rings are also offered. Polish and plate quality services are available in addition to paper interleaving and PVC coating. Brass sheets are often used in construction, manufacturing, electrical and plumbing.

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