With the acquisition of Williams Metals in 2016, one of our goals was to become a leading copper supplier of all copper products required in the power industry. Merging our expertise in slit copper coil products with the expertise Williams Metals provides on long products, such as bar, rod, sheet and plate, our combined offerings are a true force in the metals industry. 

We offer copper metal products in various thicknesses and sizes. Should you not find the product you need, we can fabricate products to suit your exact specifications.

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Copper products include:

TypeAlloyGauge/DiameterWidth/LengthSpecial Capabilities

Copper Bar

102, 110.0625"-8.00".500"-12.00"-Square, Full Round & Radius Edge
-Bare, Silver & Tin Plated
-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Copper Coil

110.002"-.102".250"-48.00"-3D Power Edge for Transformer use
-Some of the largest in North America

Copper Round Rod

110, 145, 172.175"-8.00".500"-12.00"-Square, Full Round & Radius Edge
-Bare, Silver & Tin Plated
-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Copper Plate

102, 100.032"-6.00"Up to 48x96-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Copper Sheet

110.032"-6.00"Up to 48x96-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Copper Pipe ANSI Sch. 40 & 80

102, 110Up to 8" IPS.250"-10"-Full Inventory for Immediate Shipment
-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Copper Extruded Shapes

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Benefits of Copper Products

Why Choose Three D Metals?

Three D Metals is a family-owned copper metal supplier with a commitment to quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Every employee is provided with training and resources to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. We focus on continuous improvement of our quality, service and delivery. Our success is driven by our customers and powered by our people.

Copper Product Information

Copper Bar is offered in alloy 102 and 110 and is available in commercial lengths or custom orders. We offer square, full round and radius edges along with bare, silver and tin-plated finishes. We can also cut trapezoids, special shapes and custom extrusions as desired. Copper bars are widely used in electrical power distribution.

Copper Coil is available in alloy 110 and is offered with a 3D power edge for use in transformers. Copper coils are also commonly used for heating and cooling.

Copper Round Rod is offered in alloy 110, 145 and 172 with square, full round and radius edges. Commercial and cut lengths can be made with finishes available in bare, silver or tin-plated. Copper round rod is frequently used for plumbing, electrical and engineering applications.

Copper Plate is offered in alloy 102 and 100 and can be cut to the required size. Waterjet services and metric sizes are available along with wide widths and special lengths. Copper plates are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical and defense industries. 

Copper Sheeting is offered in alloy 110 with 36” and 48” wide sheets in stock. Half hard, cold-rolled and soft tempers are also available in stock. Copper sheets can be cut to custom lengths. They are used as a construction material, often for exterior roofing projects and also to make parts for the automotive and heating and cooling industries.

Copper Pipe ANSI Sch. 40 & 80 is available in alloy 102 and 110 with a full inventory in stock ready for immediate shipment. Copper pipe is offered in commercial or customized cut lengths. It is commonly used in the construction industry for water supply and refrigerant lines in HVAC systems.

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