Properties and Uses of High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel properties and end-use applications.

You interact with high carbon steel on a daily basis, though you may not even realize it. From tiny washers to pant hangers and more, this versatile material is valued for its “memory”, allowing it to be formed into various shapes such as circles, coils, and springs.  Like all steels, high carbon steel is an… Read more »

Where to Buy Copper Sheets, Bar & Coil

Copper product at Three D Metals

When searching out where to buy copper sheets, bar, and coil, you’re looking for a copper supplier with quality products, integrity, and world-class customer service. Given today’s shortages of copper and lingering supply chain disruptions, you can’t afford to be wrong when making that choice.  It could mean months of downtime waiting on the market… Read more »

Three Ways Three D Is Making Sustainability Its Mission

Wind turbine at Three D Metals.

In an era where supply chain disruptions, electrification challenges, and rampant inflation pose significant hurdles, how does Three D Metals remain a powerhouse metals supplier committed to a sustainable future? The answer lies in making sustainability not just a goal – but a core mission.  At Three D, we recognize the urgency of environmental stewardship… Read more »

5 Advantages High Carbon Steel Brings to the Automotive Industry

Advantages of using high carbon steel in the automotive industry.

High carbon steel is a versatile metal alloy widely used in fastening applications across multiple industries. Some of these applications include construction, toys, appliances, and the cutlery in your kitchen. High carbon steel’s properties allow for many treatments, including several in the automotive industry.  In this blog, you’ll learn the five advantages high carbon steel… Read more »

Sustainability Trends in the Metals Industry

Sustainability trends in the metal industry, windmill

This article, originally published in 2021, has been updated with the latest information. The metals industry continues to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement, driven by tight margins and an increasingly competitive landscape. “Sustainability” goes far beyond simply recycling waste materials or packaging. Instead, it’s a method for viewing one’s business practices and… Read more »

Navigating the Impending Copper Shortage: A Call for Strategic Action

Copper product at Three D Metals’ warehouse.

As the world prepares for a looming copper shortage, the call for a proactive, innovative, and strategic approach has never been more urgent. Copper demand is set to skyrocket from today’s 25 million metric tons (MMt) to an unprecedented 50 MMt by 2035, according to S&P Global’s The Future of Copper report. This demand will… Read more »

Overcoming Challenges Purchasing Copper Sheet

Three D Metals’ copper sheet product

Manufacturers purchasing copper sheeting for heat exchangers, electrical stamping and fabricated parts have faced new challenges in recent years due to growing demand for copper, price volatility, regulatory compliance issues, and more. However, the right copper supplier can help manufacturers be prepared and overcome these challenges to keep production on schedule.  In this article, we… Read more »

Three D Employee Attends Inaugural Sustainability Summit in Cleveland

Sustainability Summit in Cleveland

On Jan. 24, 2023, the first Greater Cleveland Partnership Sustainability Summit took place at the Huntington Convention Center. Among the more than 300 Greater Cleveland business leaders was Three D Metals HR and Safety Manager Gretchen Gutekunst, who attended to get ideas and support for Three D’s sustainability initiatives. “My biggest takeaway was the reassurance… Read more »

How Electrical Distribution Works and the Role of Aluminum

How electrical distribution works and the role of aluminum

Aluminum bus pipe, one of Three D Metals’ top products, is integral in the process of distributing the electrical power that you use every day. But how does it work, and what does aluminum actually do? We recently spoke with Donna Wise, product manager of aluminum bus pipe and electrical shapes, about the basics of… Read more »