Welding Filler Metals

We are proud to offer high-quality Welding Filler Metals to our customers, including nickel wire and silver brazing wire. Our welding products are designed to provide optimum metallurgical and operational ease when used to join or combine different kinds of metals. We stock nearly 30 different brands, including our own William’s Welding Wire products.

Welding Wire & Filler Metals

Carbon, stainless and nickel alloys in solid, flux-core and electrode form
Deoxidized copper, silicon bronze, aluminum bronzes
Silver solders in various alloys, forms, for all applications

welding filler metals williams welding wire


Representing the following manufacturers of fine materials:

  • Williams Metals and Welding Alloys
  • Alcotec Wire Corp
  • Arcos Alloys
  • Avesta Welding
  • Bohler Welding Group USA, Inc.
  • Byram Steel Trading Company
  • Carpenter Powder Products, Inc.
  • Deloro Stellite
  • Esab Welding & Cutting Products
  • Eureka Welding Alloys
  • Harris
  • ITW Hobart Brothers
  • Kiswel USA, Inc.
  • Kobelco Welding of America
  • Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp
  • National Standard Company
  • Sandvik Materials Technology
  • Select-Arc Inc
  • Special Metals Welding Products, Inc.
  • Stoody Company
  • Stud Welding Company, Inc.
  • Techalloy Company Inc.
  • Thermadyne Industries
  • Welding Alloys USA
  • Weldhold
  • Wisconsin Wire Works Inc.
  • Wolverine

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