Three D Metals, your just-in-time aluminum metal supplier, offers a wide selection of aluminum products, including aluminum bus bar, seamless bus pipe and extruded shapes. Aluminum is critical to a diverse range of applications in industries ranging from transportation, electronics and construction to packaging, household items and recreational products. Our aluminum products are available in various sizes, and we are also able to accommodate custom orders. Simply send us your component specifications, and we will be glad to help you bring your design to life.


Aluminum Products:

TypeAlloyGauge/DiameterWidthSpecial Capabilities

Aluminum Pipe SCH. 40 & 80

6061, 6063, 6101½”-12”-Stock lengths 20, 30’ and 40’
-Beveling Services
-Custom Sizes

Aluminum Bus Bar, Angle, Web and Shapes

6061, 1350.125"-4"1”-12”-Square, Full Round & Radius Edge
-Bare and Plated
-Commercial & Cut Lengths

Aluminum Coil

1100, 1350, 6061.001"-.125".500"-60.00"-Some of the largest in North America

Aluminum Round Rod

1060, 6061, 6063.75”-8.5”

Aluminum Plate


Aluminum Sheet

1100, 3003, 5052, 6061

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Benefits of Aluminum Products

Aluminum is a highly conductive lightweight material and also fairly corrosion-resistant. For these reasons alongside its relative strength, it is commonly used to create aluminum bus bar, pipe, coil and other types of products for the electrical generation and utility industries.

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