Bronze Products

We are proud to maintain one of the largest inventories of bronze plate, bronze tube, and bronze rod products in the industry, allowing those in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology industries to depend on us.


Bronze Industrial Supply


Bronze Round Rod

510, 544, 630, 642, 932, 954, 89835

Bronze Tube

932, 954, 863Up to 20” OD

Bronze Sand/Centrifugal

863, 903, 907, 932, 936, 937, 954, 955

Bronze Sheet

510, 544, 614, 630.005"-.1875".250”-.48”

Bronze Coil


Bronze Plate

863, 932, 954.250”-6”1”-48”

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Benefits of Bronze Products

Bronze consists mainly of copper but also contains additional metals that create an alloy that is harder than copper. Bronze is corrosion-resistant and conducts heat and electricity better than most steel metals. For these reasons, it is commonly used for springs, bearings and other applications in the automobile, construction and electrical industries.

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Bronze Metal Product Information

Bronze Round Rod is offered in 510, 544, 630, 642, 932, and 89835 alloy. It is commonly used in industrial and nautical applications.

Bronze Tube is available in 932, 954 and 863 alloy. The bronze tube is often used in applications for the home such as plumbing, hot water distribution, an alternative to copper pipes and cooling systems. It is also used in pipes and engine parts for the boating industry.

Bronze Sand/Centrifugal is available in 863, 89835, 903, 907, 932, 936, 937, 954 and 955 alloy. We offer both sand and centrifugal casting methods with our bronze metal supply. Sand casting allows for special shapes and centrifugal casting is used for cylindrical shapes.

Bronze Sheet is available in 510, 544, 614 and 630 alloy. Bronze sheets are broadly used in gears, bearings, valve parts and oil and gas service parts.

Bronze Coil is available in 651 alloy. Bronze coils are commonly used in the electronics industry alongside the automotive manufacturing and marine technology industries.

Bronze Plate is available in 863, 932 and 954 alloy. Similar to bronze sheets, bronze plate applications include bearings, gear and valve parts and also oil and gas service parts.

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