Transformer Crisis: What’s Ahead

Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers

You’ve probably heard about power blackouts across parts of the U.S. in the hottest months of summer. Maybe you’ve even been affected by them yourself. When long-running droughts and intense temperatures have us reaching to crank up the air conditioning, the grid struggles to support demand. With extreme weather conditions and populations increasing each year,… Read more »

Copper Coil for Transformers

Copper transformer coil

Transformers power modern life, connecting our homes and businesses to electrical power stations. Choosing the right copper coil length for manufacturing transformers is essential for balancing power, weight, and load. But first, we need to understand how transformers work. How Do Transformers Work? Transformers are used to transfer energy from one circuit to another. They… Read more »

Copper Bars: the Workhorse of Switchgear

Copper bar

Meeting demands for reliable electricity is increasingly challenging as extreme weather stresses the power grid. Switchgear systems play an important role in making sure power is distributed efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn more about switchgear and why copper bars are a great choice for this application.  What Does Switchgear Do? An electrical switchgear… Read more »

Where to Buy Copper Sheets, Bar & Coil

Copper product at Three D Metals

When searching out where to buy copper sheets, bar, and coil, you’re looking for a copper supplier with quality products, integrity, and world-class customer service. Given today’s shortages of copper and lingering supply chain disruptions, you can’t afford to be wrong when making that choice.  It could mean months of downtime waiting on the market… Read more »

Navigating the Impending Copper Shortage: A Call for Strategic Action

Copper product at Three D Metals’ warehouse.

As the world prepares for a looming copper shortage, the call for a proactive, innovative, and strategic approach has never been more urgent. Copper demand is set to skyrocket from today’s 25 million metric tons (MMt) to an unprecedented 50 MMt by 2035, according to S&P Global’s The Future of Copper report. This demand will… Read more »

Overcoming Challenges Purchasing Copper Sheet

Three D Metals’ copper sheet product

Manufacturers purchasing copper sheeting for heat exchangers, electrical stamping and fabricated parts have faced new challenges in recent years due to growing demand for copper, price volatility, regulatory compliance issues, and more. However, the right copper supplier can help manufacturers be prepared and overcome these challenges to keep production on schedule.  In this article, we… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Metals Used in the Utilities Industry

Pros and cons of copper and aluminum

According to recent trend discussions, there are big plans on the horizon for improving the electrical grid in the United States, including building new substations across the country. That said, aluminum and copper are both important components in electrical applications, making them some of the most in-demand metals on the market today and into the… Read more »

Copper Sheet Electrical Applications

Copper sheet electrical applications

Copper is recognized for its many uses. From wiring to electrical switches, this popular metal can be found in homes, commercial operations, and even in the cloud. At Three D Metals, one of our largest production distribution lines is our copper sheeting. But where can you find copper sheets in the electrical industry? Keep reading… Read more »

Copper’s Uses, Benefits, and Products

Copper’s uses, benefits, and products.

Copper is a metal known for its diversity and longevity. While you can find copper in different industries, one of the most common — which the majority of Three D Metals customers use it for — is in the power industry. Keep reading to learn more about copper, common applications, its versatility, and what to… Read more »