4 Things to Look for in a High Carbon Steel Distributor

High carbon steel at Three D Metals’ facility.

Disrupted manufacturing schedules. Fluctuating prices. We know the steel supply chain can be hard to navigate. Having a reliable high carbon steel supplier in your corner can mean the difference between losing frustrated clients and winning repeat business.   Look for these four factors in a high carbon steel distributor to ensure you’re getting the best… Read more »

High Carbon Steel in EV Manufacturing: Embrace Lightweighting & Multi-Material Design

Electric vehicle charging

The shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) represents a significant leap forward in achieving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. However, this transition also brings forth new challenges and opportunities in vehicle design and the materials used in manufacturing to keep these vehicles lightweight, yet safe and durable. Electric Vehicle Lightweighting For several years, the automotive industry… Read more »

Properties and Uses of High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel properties and end-use applications.

You interact with high carbon steel on a daily basis, though you may not even realize it. From tiny washers to pant hangers and more, this versatile material is valued for its “memory”, allowing it to be formed into various shapes such as circles, coils, and springs.  Like all steels, high carbon steel is an… Read more »

5 Advantages High Carbon Steel Brings to the Automotive Industry

Advantages of using high carbon steel in the automotive industry.

High carbon steel is a versatile metal alloy widely used in fastening applications across multiple industries. Some of these applications include construction, toys, appliances, and the cutlery in your kitchen. High carbon steel’s properties allow for many treatments, including several in the automotive industry.  In this blog, you’ll learn the five advantages high carbon steel… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Carbon Steel in Construction

Steel in construction

This blog was updated in December 2022. When it comes to using steel in construction projects, it’s all the same, right?  Wrong.  Steel is an alloy metal, which means it’s a combination of several types of elements. In the case of steel, this is a combination of iron, carbon, and trace elements. It has a… Read more »

Benefits of Oscillate-Wound Steel Coil

Benefits of oscillate-wound steel coil.

Oscillate winding, sometimes referred to as traverse winding, is the process of end-to-end winding of several slit steel coils, with the coil wrapping around itself in a single, symmetrical coil — similar to a spool of thread. Why would someone choose oscillate-wound coils over something like a ribbon-wound, or pancake, coil? Let’s break down the… Read more »

High Carbon Steel in Today’s Market

High carbon steel in today’s market.

One of the residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the metals industry has been continuous supply chain challenges. However, as we get further into 2022, we were seeing some of the markets return to normal, including the high carbon steel market. High Carbon Steel Availability in Today’s Market When the COVID pandemic hit the… Read more »