Three Ways Three D Is Making Sustainability Its Mission

Wind turbine at Three D Metals.

In an era where supply chain disruptions, electrification challenges, and rampant inflation pose significant hurdles, how does Three D Metals remain a powerhouse metals supplier committed to a sustainable future?

The answer lies in making sustainability not just a goal – but a core mission. 

At Three D, we recognize the urgency of environmental stewardship and have channeled our resources into these three key initiatives:

1. Partnering with an Expert Sustainability Consultant 

We took a significant step toward environmental responsibility by engaging a third-party expert consultant to conduct a greenhouse gas (GHG) audit and offer tailored solutions to lower our carbon footprint. The comprehensive evaluation of our current setup uncovered impactful progress we’ve already made and additional areas for improvement.

For example, in recent years, we have looked at our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and made improvements by purchasing/leasing newer trucks to lower gas mileage when delivering our products. This improvement saved thousands of dollars in fuel and substantially reduced CO2 emissions. 

Furthermore, implementing LED lighting across our facilities has dramatically impacted our energy consumption. We’re now considering the addition of motion sensors to our LED lights to conserve even more energy.

The audit exposed various carbon-reducing measures, and we are diligently evaluating what may best suit our organization.

2. Utilizing Our Process Improvement Team

Our process improvement team meets regularly to discuss ideas, troubleshoot issues, and continually improve our current processes – including sustainability improvements.

Choosing to factor in sustainability gives us all ownership of our future. For example, repurposing materials for multiple uses so they don’t go directly to a landfill benefits our bottom line and is another cost we don’t have to pass on to our customers. 

Incorporating sustainable practices requires open communication with everyone. At Three D, we listen to each other because we’re all committed to operating a successful, sustainable business.

3. Remaining Proactive – NOT Reactive

In addition to the audit, we recently attended an event at Schneider Electric, where they have an initiative to work closely with their suppliers to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. We were introduced to several resources and are now assessing their feasibility and potential positive impact on our operations.

At Three D, our sustainability mission takes a proactive approach. We look inward, evaluate areas to improve, and stay open to change. Three D MetalsReused skids at Three D Metals. remains a world-class metals supplier because we aren’t afraid to throw down the gauntlet and do what needs doing.

Along with the 121-foot-high wind turbine we installed years ago as a renewable energy source to lower emissions and energy costs, we’re also staying focused on:

  • Recovering 100% of our processing waste, 
  • Reusing old skids returned by customers,
  • Shipping ferrous metal with metal cores to be recycled by our customers,
  • And looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Keeping Sight of a Sustainable Future

As we continue to explore and innovate, our dedication to environmental stewardship stands as a testament to Three D’s commitment to a sustainable future. The road may be challenging, but we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, and we’re eager to share opportunities with our customers.


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