What to Look for in a Metals Employer

Group of Three D Metals employees standing on the shop floor and waving.

Now is a great time to get into the metals industry, but with so many job opportunities out there, how do you determine which workplace is right for you? Here at Three D Metals, we are always looking for positive, hardworking team members. And when we find them, we welcome and support them just like family.

Recently we spoke with two of our longtime employees, Jillian Fecich and Matt Callaway, about why they chose (and continue to choose!) to work at Three D Metals.


More Than Just a Number

Male Three D Metals employee standing while working at a machine.

In these days of huge multi-industry companies, many workplaces can make employees feel undervalued and interchangeable. Metals suppliers like Three D, however, offer a more family-focused atmosphere, the kind of workplace where employees see themselves as part of a greater whole and not just a plug-and-play cog in a big machine.

“I love working with the people here,” says Jillian Fecich, Inside Sales Representative at Three D. “You’re literally part of the family. I’ve worked at larger companies before, and they treat you like you’re just a number. Here, everyone supports each other, and is always there for each other. You’re never just a number.”

The way the company embraces its employees extends beyond the front office and onto the shop floor, too. “I’ve been here ten years,” says Shop Floor Supervisor Matt Callaway, “and it’s a family company. They share the wealth, they feed you, we get good bonuses and celebrate every goal we hit. The CEO is very personable, and he’s on the shop floor a lot.”


Employee Agency and Continuous Improvement

While many companies may say they value the input of their teams, how many actually seek it out? Seek out companies that include employees in continuous improvement efforts. Being a part of this process ensures that not every decision is made top-down, and you will always feel a sense of being part of solving problems instead of just taking orders.

“We recently sat down with the continuous improvement managers and the CEO,” says Callaway, “and went over several different ways that we can improve the shop floor. We also asked shop floor employees for their input. Overall, the company is really inclusive and makes sure we feel like our voices are being heard.”


Celebrating Successes Together

The Three D team celebrates milestones and anniversaries to ensure that team members feel valued. We also sponsor team outings and other events that bring our employees together outside the office and shop floor.

“We eat a lot,” says Callaway with a laugh. “I enjoy it. We try to make the job as stress-free as possible.”

Three D provides good pay, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits, but not all benefits are visible on a pay stub. Look for an employer that provides not just continuous learning and improvement opportunities, but also balances that with celebrations, team building events, and other benefits that don’t necessarily get listed in your welcome packet!


Ask About Work CultureMale Three D Metals employee standing next to the Three D Metals sign with a stuffed Kermit the Frog.

When you are exploring jobs in the metals industry, always ask about the company’s work culture. Work culture can often be summed up by asking a current employee about a story they think sums up what it’s like to work there.

When we asked Fecich this question, she said, “When I first started, I was trying to connect with a customer who was a big rock music fan. That’s how he connected with his prior rep. And I’m not a rock fan – I’m a country girl. So instead – we connected over our love of the Muppets – in particular, Kermit the Frog.” The two started sharing Kermit the Frog memes. Fecich even bought a stuffed Kermit the Frog that she posed with the customer’s metal order as we prepared to ship it.

Stuffed Kermit the Frog sitting on a roll of high carbon steel on the shop floor.

Before Kermit went to his new forever home, the whole shop team embraced it and took photos with it. “There was Kermit,” says Fecich, “playing games with the guys on lunch, driving the truck, driving a forklift, and other hijinks.” Fecich printed out some of the photos and delivered the stuffed Kermit the Frog to the customer when he was next in town.

“Now the customer is reciprocating,” says Fecich, “sending us photos of Kermit at Kermit’s new job!”


Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to finding a career in the metals industry, you have options. In this competitive labor market, you have the ability to find a company that treats you like family and rewards you well for the work that you do.

Find an employer that values you – one that you can see working with for a very long time. There’s no better time than the present to get started!


Discover More About Three D Career Opportunities

Three D Metals is a family-owned company, and we view each and every one of our team members as an extension of that family. We’re always looking for hard-working, positive team players to join the Three D Metals team! We know that skills can be taught, but attitude is something you bring with you. Explore our current career opportunities here >>