5 Reasons That NOW is the Time to Start a Career in the Metals Industry

Graphic with Three D Metals logo and metals industry employee smiling.

Looking for a profession that matters? Then it’s time to consider a job in the metals industry! 

The metals industry employs nearly 1.5 million people in the United States, and it continues to grow as manufacturing demand increases. Many companies are looking for new hires to fill this demand, and there’s no signs of that need slowing down. 

Whether you have a degree or no experience at all, the metals industry offers numerous opportunities to level up your skills and forge a sustainable career path. 

Metals industry employee standing next to rolls of high carbon steel on the shop floor.

Here are the top five reasons why it’s a great time to start a career in the metals industry:  

1. No experience necessary. The metals industry has numerous entry-level positions for those with little to no experience. This is a great way to build your resume and technical skills – and get paid for it – instead of racking up student loan debt paying to learn the skills you need. And there are always more opportunities to advance once you’ve got your foot in the door. 

2. Supply America’s manufacturing revival. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how vulnerable many sectors of the American economy are to global disruptions. This is causing a huge revival in US-based manufacturing. This is on top of an upward trend since its lowest point in 2009. Being employed in the metals industry means you will be a part of supplying this growing sector of our economy. 

3. Stability and career growth. A growing need for manufactured goods means more demand for the metals to supply those goods, resulting in job stability and career growth for those in the metals industry. The metals industry is the very definition of an “essential business,” and always will be. 

4. Great pay and great benefits. Even entry-level positions in the metals industry pay above average wages, and many companies – like Three D Metals – offer comprehensive benefits packages. High demand for jobs in this sector also means offers will be more competitive than ever. 

5. Build something tangible. In the metals industry, every job you do truly matters. At Three D, we supply metals to the power generation, transit, healthcare, and government industries – and many more. Our metals keep the lights on and keep people moving. At the end of the day, you can go home knowing you played a vital role in creating something tangible.

Metals industry employee holding a sheet of metal on the shop floor.

At Three D Metals, we supply the metals that keep the economy moving. Our handpicked team processes and distributes high quality aluminum, copper, high and low carbon steel, welding filler metals, and more for many industries and applications. We also provide the training and resources our team members need to continuously level up their skills.

If this sounds like an industry you want to learn more about, contact us! 


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