What is a Typical Workday Like at Three D Metals?

Three D Metals employee working at machine, Three D Metals logo

If you’ve considered applying for a position at Three D Metals, you may be wondering what it’s like to work here or what your day-to-day responsibilities may be.

There are many job opportunities available in the metals industry — from machine operators to welders to sales and more — and their responsibilities may vary depending on their role. 

Below, you’ll read as a handful of our employees describe their typical workday at Three D Metals.


Day-to-Day Job Responsibilities at Three D Metals

Luke Waycaster said his main responsibility as an inside sales representative is managing existing customer accounts, so his day-to-day duties include:

  • Taking orders
  • Quoting materials for any upcoming projects
  • Fielding phone calls

At times, Luke, who has previous experience as a material handler and then a machine operator at Three D, will also assist on the shop floor when needed. In the video below, you’ll get a glance at Luke’s typical day, from working with machines out on the shop floor, to answering calls and taking orders from our customers.


Three D Metals employee working at machine, Three D Metals logo

Gwen Diaz Gonzalez is also an inside sales representative, but, like Luke, she has a few other responsibilities. 

“I was part of the transition with Williams Metals & Welding Alloys and assist with handling outside processing orders,” she noted. “But really it’s a little bit of everything. I do sales coding, I interrupt the processing orders. Every day is pretty much different.”

Material Handler

Material handlers help the operators keep their machines running smoothly. So, material handlers may be loading and unloading coils, applying the crane, or setting up the back end of the machine. Luke added there are other miscellaneous job responsibilities such as packaging coils on skids or writing stock tags.

Machine Operator

Machine operators run and set up machines on the shop floor. Machine operators may plan their jobs for the day so that they ship out as many pounds of material from their machine as day-to-day as possible.

Territory Manager

Amy Gesdorf is a territory manager for Three D metals, and before COVID, her days used to be spent traveling to various states to meet directly with customers. Now, she’s working from home, communicating to her customer base each day about products and any other needs they may have. 

Junior Buyer

Junior Buyer Veronica Ashworth’s daily job responsibilities vary from day to day.

“I do all of our MRO purchases, which is all of our shop buying, but I also get updates from the mills,” she said. She also splits her time handling copper long products, such as communicating with copper mills and tracking product shipments.


Daily Communication Among Three D Metals’ Multiple Locations

While Luke is based in Three D Metals’ Valley City, Ohio, headquarters, he, like Amy, Veronica, and Gwen, interacts with other Three D Metals locations on a regular basis.

“With Three D having multiple locations, it allows us to reach a more widespread audience when it comes to our customer base. It also helps us deliver different types of products on time to people who are farther away from this central location,” Luke said. 

“On top of that, you have a really good network of people who are willing to help out if you get overwhelmed or have a question. There are very knowledgeable people in those different branches.”

Building those relationships, both internally and externally, is extremely important. As Gwen noted, having those connections benefits her personally and professionally because she’s been able to familiarize herself with other parts of the company.

“It’s especially beneficial on the sales side, knowing what companies and carriers we can use,” she added. “We’re able to reach more places, and it just depends on where that material would be stocked out and how fast we can get it to them. Also knowing that I can reach out to Birmingham if I’ve got a question on something in that warehouse, I know that somebody is there that can get me an answer.”


Why Work at Three D Metals?

“It’s a very family-oriented company,” Luke says of working at Three D. “They take great care of us in terms of compensation, benefits; they feed us all the time with company lunches.”

He also mentioned company trips — like their Cedar Point trip every year — and credited Three D’s tight-knit family atmosphere.

“I’ve never worked for a company where the CEO of the company is out on the shop floor working alongside the people that work out in the shop,” he said. “I think that’s a very valuable thing to have; just goes to show you how tightly knit we are.”

Whether you have a degree or no experience at all, the metals industry offers numerous opportunities for you to forge a sustainable career path. If you’re considering a career in metals, read our next blog for the top five reasons why now is a great time to start a career in the metals industry. 5 Reasons That Now is the Time to Start a Career in the Metals Industry


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