4 Things to Look for in a High Carbon Steel Distributor

High carbon steel at Three D Metals’ facility.

Disrupted manufacturing schedules. Fluctuating prices. We know the steel supply chain can be hard to navigate. Having a reliable high carbon steel supplier in your corner can mean the difference between losing frustrated clients and winning repeat business.  

Look for these four factors in a high carbon steel distributor to ensure you’re getting the best service and value.

1. Range of Steel Products, Services, and Capabilities

Does your high carbon steel supplier offer a broad range of high carbon steel coil products? Do they have value-added services and capabilities like oscillating and slitting? Distributors who do are better positioned to provide what you need when you need it and can evolve to meet your changing needs. 

2. Metals Industry Experience

Your high carbon steel distributor shouldn’t be just a supplier of metals – they should continue to educate clients on best practices, leverage their expertise to find effective solutions, and stay on top of industry innovation. Steel distributors who have been in business for decades have proven they can successfully weather industry challenges and will likely continue to do so in the years ahead. 

3. Commitment to Sustainability

Lots of companies are talking about sustainability in the metals industry right now, but are they taking tangible steps to back up their claims? Your high carbon steel distributor should understand that sustainability isn’t a trend or even just a company goal. It’s a lifelong commitment to care for people and the planet. Steel distributors have a critical role to play not only in reducing emissions but fostering ethical, equitable workplaces. Look for suppliers who can point to actionable steps they’re taking to minimize waste and emissions from their facilities and who have a plan for continuous workplace improvement.  

4. Exceptional Customer Service

When stability in the metals industry feels like a distant dream, you shouldn’t also have to worry about getting a hold of your supplier. Your high carbon steel distributor should pick up the phone when you call and quickly get the answers you need. Suppliers can’t control the broader forces of the metals industry, but they can uphold their commitment to provide friendly, knowledgeable service to every customer. 

A High Carbon Steel Distributor You Can Count On

Since our beginnings in 1972, Three D Metals has grown exponentially to become the largest distributor of high carbon spring steel in North America. But as three generations have come up through the company, our commitment to each other, our customers, our family values, and our community remains strong. When you choose Three D Metals, you’re choosing decades of metals expertise with a team that delivers great service, acts with integrity, and is passionate about getting it right every time. 

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