We are the largest distributor of High Carbon Spring Steel Coil in North America, serving the automotive, appliance, and building and construction industries, just to name a few. We also stock low carbon and stainless-steel coil to satisfy our customers’ demands.

Ask us about oscillate winding to reduce changeover time in your warehouse! In addition to fewer changeovers, oscillate winding also results in less material handling, reduced scrap, consistent quality, and overall improved productivity.

AlloyGaugeTemperWidthSpecial Capabilities

1045 - 1095
High Carbon Spring Steel

.010" - .125"Annealed.187" - 48.00"Pancake and Oscillate Coil

1008 - 1010
Low Carbon Steel

.010" - .125"Annealed to
Full Hard
.187" - 48.00"Pancake and Oscillate Coil
Bare, Hot-dipped Galvanized and

300 Series Stainless Steel

.015" - .090"Annealed to
Full Hard
.187" - 48.00"Coil


High Carbon Spring Steel

High Carbon Spring Steel is offered in alloy 1045 and 1095 and is available with annealed heat treating and pancake or oscillate steel coils. High carbon spring steel is commonly used in knives and tools.

Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel is available in alloy 1008 and 1010 with an annealed to full hard heat treating process. Our offered special capabilities include pancake and oscillate steel coils alongside bare, hot-dipped, galvanized, and electro-galvanized features. Low carbon steel is frequently used in automobiles, building frames, bridges, bolts, fixtures, and seamless tubes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is available in 300 series coil.

Oscillate and Pancake Capabilities

Oscillate Coils

Oscillate coils are welded together end-to-end to create a tightly wound single, continuous coil. Oscillate wound coils can result in less waste, reduced labor needs, and productivity gains of up to 25%.

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Pancake Coils

Pancake, or ribbon-wound coils, include one strip of steel wound on top of itself much like a roll of tape. The resulting coil is fairly flat and pancake-shaped.

Benefits of Steel Products

Three D Metals offers three steel products: high carbon steel coil, low carbon steel coil, and stainless steel coil.

  • High carbon steel is beneficial for resisting abrasion and retaining shape.
  • Low carbon steel is easier to machine and weld due to its greater ductility.
  • Stainless steel is less likely to rust when installed in wet environments and its durability can vary greatly depending on its grade.

Why Choose Three D Metals As Your High Carbon Steel Supplier?

We are invested in sustainability with a commitment to processes and solutions that reduce our carbon footprint and promote a better future. We have in place focused efforts to conserve energy, recycle, and reuse as much as possible.

Three D can provide additional value with oscillating and slitting.

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