Testimonial 9

“One of the biggest benefits here is the monthly bonus. It feels great to have the profits shared with us that you’re working so hard for … To me, the biggest benefit is the feeling of family. Even with working night shift, I still feel like I am a part of something bigger.” — Joe… Read more »

Testimonial 8

“Some of the best benefits are the non-work related activities. We don’t need many reasons to try to have some fun. My favorite is the opening day cookout and party we have for the Cleveland Guardians’ first home game.” — Dennis Berry, Sales and Purchasing

Testimonial 7

“It’s an environment that’s built to help you thrive; it’s always, ‘Well, what do you want to learn next? What do you want to do next? How can we help get you to that next point? On and off the floor, what do you want to learn? What do you want to do? What do… Read more »

Testimonial 6

“There are plenty of opportunities to advance your career at Three D Metals. I was hired in as a copper scaler in late September 2021, and I was promoted to an inside sales rep position in late February 2022. There are great opportunities for personal growth here at Three D Metals. We are all working… Read more »

Testimonial 5

“My favorite part about working at Three D is walking into work knowing that no matter what, I’m going to have a good day. We have a unique balance where we are able to get a lot done and manage to have a very fun time doing it!” — Karli O’Rourke, Inside Sales Specialist

Testimonial 4

“Everyone I work with at Three D Metals does an excellent job of communicating and responding quickly to everything I ask of them. It’s a pleasure working with them, and I wish all my vendors were as good as Three D.”

Testimonial 3

“Three D Metals services us with the highest professionalism possible. A truly great supplier!”

Testimonial 2

“Three D is one of our top suppliers. Always easy to work with and very helpful. Communication is above standard and is much appreciated.”

Testimonial 1

“Since transitioning to 3D metals from another supplier, I have been very impressed with the company. The sales team is simply amazing! They have stayed in contact throughout the pandemic and are great to work with. I really appreciate the company and the great sales team. It is a pleasure to do business with Three… Read more »